Facility and Crew


rags II

Rags II is based on a traditional Philippine style ‘Banka’ with outriggers 27 m long and 4.5 m wide, which makes for a very stable platform to dive from and sleep on.

Rags II is fully equipped with state of the art navigation equipment. Radar, GPS, Depth finders, VHF Radio, Digital charts, Satallite Phone etc.

On board, we have 8 spacious berths in 4 x twin air-conditioned cabins; each cabin has individual lockable storage space and drawers for your personal belongings.

Two bathrooms are available with hot showers and CR – with free soap and shampoo so you don’t HAVE to bring your own (more space in the bag for dive gear!).

rags II
rags II

Our large lounge and dining area seats 12 in comfort and the central TV / DVD / Entertainment system is available for all to use or just laze on the forward sun deck to soak up the rays between dives or when navigating.

There is also a dry charging table for, cameras, lights, batteries or i-Pods.

Our cook prepares many types of sumptuous Philippine and Western food using local seafood and produce. If you’re vegetarian, please let us know and we’ll cater for you especially.

Be prepared to diet when you get back home!!

rags II
rags II

The dive deck is spacious – with individual baskets below your allocated tank space, a central table to keep things handy before your dive, and wetsuit hangers for when you get back.

All the diving is from and back to Rags II… No messing about with dinghies or chase boats. Of course, we have them, but prefer to use them for beach hopping to enjoy barbecues under palm trees instead.

Technical divers will surely enjoy our deco bar which supplies Oxygen at the 6m and 3m stop, if conditions allow.

Two Bauer compressors with continuous Enriched Air and Partial Pressure blending systems for Technical Diving allow us to produce any gas mix you wish to use.

Full sets of single, double and deco tanks ensure that all your diving desires can be fulfilled.

We even have a Kayak – in case you’d like to pop off for a paddle or to snorkel the lagoons.

All in all she’s a simple ‘no frills’ boat – with a great crew. We promise you one of the best diving holidays you could find – anywhere!!

rags II

Captain Romeo Muaje

rags II


Romeo has been on boats most of his life. He began working on outrigger boats when he was a small boy and gathered plenty of experience plying the seas of New-Guinea and all over the Philippines on big fishing vessels. He worked as a quartermaster, boatswain and chief mate before becoming a captain.

The last few years he decided to be closer to his wife and four children and was put in charge of one of the passenger ferries between Puerto Galera (Sabang) and Batangas. By no means an easy job had he chosen, dealing with severe currents and waves on a daily basis.

You would be hard pushed to find a more experienced captain than Romeo in these waters.

Chris is a native from Big La Laguna, one of Puerto Galera’s beautiful beaches, and started to work in the early 80’s for the very first dive shop in the area “Reef Raiders.” He learned everything from filling tanks, fixing compressors, boat engines and dive gear and also how to be a capable boatman.

When Reef Raiders closed down he decided to become a Captain on the ferry boats from Puerto Galera to Batangas and did that for ten years.

Andy Norman from Asia Divers noticed his mechanical skills and hired him eight years ago and Chris worked for him and Asia Divers for six years.

Two years ago he decided he was missing the ocean and the adventure too much and started to work on Rags II.

We are glad to have him onboard because Chris knows the boat inside out and keeps her in tip top shape!

Chief Engineer Chris Castillo


rags II



First Mate Marlo Cusi alias Alo

rags II

With his 31 years he is the youngest crew member, but that doesn’t mean he lacks experience! Being a native of Dalaruan, a village near Puerto Galera, where everybody lives with, on or from boats he is a natural for the job.

He was working on the Puerto Galera – Batangas  route for seven years before joining the crew of Rags II and has never looked back since.

Once the mooring line is loosened you see a big smile on Alo’s face and it usually never disappears during the trip. He is always ready to lend a helping hand and is strong like a bull.

Boy originally hails from the beautiful “marble” island of Romblon, but has lived most of his life in Puerto Princessa, Palawan(starting off point for diving trips to Tubbataha Reef).

He used to be a seaman on fishing boats and worked his way up to become an engineer, but he much prefers working on a diving boat.

Boy used to work with Ralph on the now almost legendary live-aboard “Tabibuga”, so he was a natural choice for the job.

He likes meeting people from all over the world and travelling to the most beautiful areas the Philippines have to offer.

When Rags II is not cruising around the South China Sea, Boy takes good care of the boat and considers her his seventh baby!


Engineer Wilfredo Baladjay alias Boy


rags II



Assistant Divina Abit

rags II


Divina grow up on a tiny island between Cebu and Leyte and learned how to swim and fish before she could even walk. She loves boats and the sea, but treats it with respect, because she lost two brothers to the ocean.

Funny thing is that she still gets seasick on almost every trip, despite working on a liveaboard before and cruising all over the Philippines for a long time. This malady doesn’t slow her down one bit and everyone who has suffered from this condition – knows what achievement this actually is.

Divina loves cooking and helps out in the kitchen, serves the food and keeps cabins and bathrooms spick and span. She doesn’t mind to lend a helping hand when divers come back from a dive and handles gear like a pro, because she also loves to dive herself and considers every chance to join a dive as a highlight of the trip!

Sonny was born in Abra de Ilog on the western side of Mindoro Island. He lives on Big La Laguna Beach now since fifteen years and decided that cooking is his passion ten years ago.

He learned to please every palate that passes through Puerto Galera from typical European dishes to Korean, Chinese and even Siberian fish stews for our Russian guests.

Watch him preparing ten different kinds of breakfast in record time – simply amazing!

You better diet before or after the trip, because you will surely not be losing weight during a week with Sonny !!

Cook Sonny Lalongisip

rags II


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